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Here I am giving my Testimonial about Digital Branding Guru I causally asked JFM Swathi garu to help our Staff to learn Digital Flayers creation….She agreed and teach them about 10 Days with very nominal fees.. Now they are very much familiar and creating our required promotional content on their own and sending to clients daily..   It helped our client reach too.. Even I wanted to learn by attending this course if my time permits..

#100% #Genuine #Feedback

CFP Rajendra Reddy Kandula.

Hi everyone 👋
I’m Sai Kiran wellness Coach

This is my past experience feed back about Canva mastery ..I’m learn a lot from Digital Coach Swathi garu. Basic level of Canva mastery.I have a little bit Knowledge about Canva but not enough..I’m using Canva daily for my business related poster like Health tips , Prices poster ,Weight loss tips ,Lifestyle , Training sessions..etc

3 days training & Practice session help to improve my self flyers designs & Also Our group members learn basic level of Canva skills..

Once again Thanks to Digital Coach Swathi garu ..

Sai Kiran – Wellness Coach

 Dear Swathi garu,
I am really relished and cherished with the excellent learnings in this course. You explained very clear and in lucid manner. Iam benefitted in learning the hidden techniques available in Canva which I was not aware till date viz Frames, Mock up, Magic switch and AI..Your way of teaching is with unique style and evinced more interest. Thank you and More power to you-

Regards- Suresh kumar

Good Evening Swathi garu. 3 days online classes on Poster designing through Canva were provided enough information and skill to create beautiful posters within seconds. Hats off to your patience. I recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their poster designing skills. Thank you. 🙏🏻

Chindanuru Gangadhar

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ShivaSwathi has Given trainings to business Owners, Entrepreneur’s on Canva, Digital branding and

Social media Marketing in different business networking clubs .


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